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Our crowded, modern world is more polluted than nature intended, and it takes a toll on our water. According to the EPA, common water contaminants in US municipal water include microorganisms, disinfectants, inorganic chemicals (like arsenic, fluoride, lead, and mercury), organic chemicals, and even radiation! These pollutants in our water can hurt our well-being, but we can’t avoid our need for water—it is necessary for life. Water is the best way to stay hydrated, focused, and aware. We need it to operate smoothly, facilitate digestion, lubricate joints, push out toxins, prevent fatigue from dehydration, & give us energy. Water is the easiest way to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

At Dream Tree Family and Water Tree Stores, clean, pure water is only our starting point! More often than not, bottled water companies and filtration systems end up removing both the good and the bad from water. This leaves what we call dead, acidic water—water with a lower pH and without the essential minerals of water found in nature.

Our health is very closely linked to the pH levels of the water and blood circulating in our bodies. A low pH contributes to an acidic body that is a breeding ground for disease which is why Dream Tree & Water Tree Stores offer alkaline water solutions. Alkaline water helps to raise the pH of your body so that it can function like it should and hydrate more efficiently.

A higher level of acidity in your body isn’t the only factor that contributes to poor health. Dehydration can slow your metabolism and lead to weight gain, impair your mental abilities, and leave you feeling exhausted, hungry, and grumpy. This is another area that we go above and beyond because many of our products are able to create very small clusters of water molecules, or microclusters. Water that is delivered to your cells in microcluster form are able to hydrate you faster and more effectively.

And don’t be fooled by other alkaline water companies that use electrical ionizers to zap water into a dead alkaline condition! Our patented ceramic conversion process transforms water to an alkaline state while adding essential minerals and antioxidants. Dream Tree water is living water! That's why we offer water solutions for the way that we live! From Antioxidant Alkaline Water to filtered shower heads & Whole House Systems we have something to offer every need and budget.

Cows & Water


Reports from 27 Dairy farms using alkaline water.

With the advent of electrolysis water treatment in the Japanese marketplace, electrolysis alkaline water was introduced into the dairy farms.

This is now beginning to impact on dairy farms in the USA and other countries (See IonLife`s Dairy Farm Proposal).

In Japan, knowing the positive health benefits and results that were acquired through human consumption, alkaline water was used in place of tap water as the sole source of water for dairy cows.

The results of this water usage is reported in the subsequent findings. The information was obtained through 27 dairy farms along with a report from a group of veterinarians. The source of each report is identified at the beginning of each report.

In general, the following measurable conditions were noted:

1. An increase in milk output by 18% - 28%.
2. A notable improvement in the quality of milk.
3. Elimination of strong feces and urine odors.
4. Healthier skin condition.
5. Minimized injury to the udder.
6. Decrease in diarrhea cases.
7. Strengthening of the legs.
8. Increased appetite.
9. Able to reduce mineral supplements normally added to the feed.
10. Due to an improved health condition coupled with stronger legs,
extended the productive life span of the cows.
11. Improved the fertility rate and reduced still births in new-born calves.

Aside from the above, the following opinions were noted by the veterinarians:

1. A noticeably increased appetite; no new supplements were added to their diet.
Increase in appetite noted in older cows also.
2. Well digested foods.
3. A beautiful sheen on the cows` hair.
4. Higher fertility rate; higher pregnancy rate.
5. A new-born calf exposed to alkali water matures quicker.
6. A dramatic increase in milk production.
7. Improved liver condition.
8. Strengthened legs.
9. Minimizing of sicknesses; tremendously improved health condition.
10. No adverse conditions noted with the consumption of alkali water. Lesser visits made by veterinarians.

The following are individual findings that have been noted by each dairy farmer that have replaced tap water with alkali water.

A. Dairy Farm: Kasahara Ranch
Location: Nomura, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. G. Kasahara

1. The milk output had increase from 7,000kg o 8,900kg or an increase of 27%.
2. The use of the alkali water had instilled a preventive approach to the overall health condition of the dairy cow in lieu of reactive medical means.
The overall health condition of the herd had improved dramatically.

B. Dairy Farm: Shikawa Ranch
Location: Momembetsu, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. T. Shikawa

1. There was a noticeable improvement in the quality of the milk.
2. Despite the high temperature during the Summer months, the milk output had increased dramatically.
During the previous Summer months, milk output had declined.

C. Dairy Farm: Sudo Ranch
Location: Munetani, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. M. Sudo

NOTE: Unlike other dairy farms, this farmer had discontinued the use of alkali water to measure the effects of returning to normal tap water.
The following were the effects that were noted:
1.The strong odors associated with cow excrements had returned after a period of time when the foul odor had been eliminated through the consumption of alkali water.
2.The sheen that was once present on the cows had disappeared and the hair had returned to a lackluster condition.
3.The frequency of diarrhea had increased.
4.Weakness was noticed in the cows legs as opposed to the strengthening of the cows` legs during the use of alkali water.

D. Dairy Farm: Takahashi Ranch
Location: Notsuke, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. Takahashi.

1.The sickness rate was considerably reduced.

E. Dairy Farm: Hamanasu Ranch
Location: Mombetsu, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. S. Nakagawa.

1. The coloring of the udder became extremely healthy.
2. Due to the alkali consumption and it`s natural healing ability, the amount of injury to the udder had diminished.
3. The milk output has increased by 800 kg per cow.
(NOTE: since there was no "before and after" numbers provided the percentage of increase could not be determined.)

F. Dairy Farm: Karita Ranch
Location: Notsuke, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. H. Karita

1. The results were excellent in every manner.
Milk production was considerably higher, the sickness rate was down, problems associated with diarrhea were minimized, the foul odor from the excrement was gone, the cow`s appetite was up, the sheen on the cows` hair was considerably higher and the overall quality of the milk was up.

G. Dairy Farm: Sunnydale Ranch
Location: Hyotsu, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. M. Danshora

1. In prior years, in an effort to increase milk production, increased feed was given to cows.
With the use of alkali water, the need of increasing feed was minimized.
2. Despite the pregnancy of the cow, the amount of milk production has not decreased.
In prior pregnancies, the amount of milk production had decreased. This was noted in 9 out of 10 cows.
3. The improved health condition of the cows along with the stronger legs have reduced the turnover of cows.
This has considerably improved the productivity life span of each cow.

H. Dairy Farm: No Name Given
Location: Mombetsu, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. T. Yamaguchi

1. The overall skin condition of each cow had improved dramatically.
2. The foul odors associated with excrements and urine were eliminated with the consumption of alkali water.
3. The farm was able to reduce the amount of mineral supplements that were being added to the diet on account of the alkali water.
4. The newly born calves have experienced no diarrhea.

I. Dairy Farm: Koizumi Ranch
Location: Kamikawa, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. T. Koizumi

1. The recovery period for cows giving birth had improved noticeably with the consumption of alkali water.
2. The cows have experienced increased appetite.
3. Despite the higher temperature during the Summer months, the milk output had increased dramatically.
4. The consumption of alkali water had stabilized the pH factor for each cow.

J. Dairy Farm: Honami MBB Ranch
Location: Joro, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. Y. Takigawa

1. There was a remarkable improvement in the quality of milk.
2. The cows increased their water intake which resulted in increased milk production.
3. The cows experienced reduced diarrhea conditions.
4. There was a remarkable improvement in the hair and skin texture of every cow.

K. Dairy Farm: Aneshi Ranch
Location: Esachi, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. K. Aneshi

1. Due to the consumption of alkali water and the improved immunity levels, there was lesser injuries to the cows` udders during the milking process.
2. The milk output had increased from 282 tons to 360 tons or a 28% increase.
3. It was a financially and economically-wise decision to use electrolysis alkali water.

L. Dairy Farm: Royal Farm
Location: Kamikawa, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. T. Sawamoto

1.The milk output had increased from a range of 7,000 to 7,300 kg to a higher output of 9,000 kg or a 28% increase.
2.Due to the unstable water condition, the farm had gone to electrolysis water. This decision ended up being a financially-wise decision.

M. Dairy Farm: Nogyo Kyosai Dairy Association
Location: Kushiro, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. M. Sugiyama

1. The use of alkali water has considerably reduced the number of sick cows and dramatically improved the health condition.
2. The farm has not measured all the positive effects brought about by the alkali water but on the other hand have not experienced any negative effects.
3. One noticeable difference was their improved digestion.

N. Dairy Farm: Okura Ranch
Location: Asahi-kawa, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. Y. Okura

1. The alkaline water has produced healthier cows.
There were no changes to the diet or the environment but the cows became healthier.
2. Increased their monthly sales by $20,000.00 through increased milk output.
(NOTE: There were no other comparative numbers provided to determine the actual increase in productivity levels.)

O. Dairy Farm: Aikawa Ranch
Location: Akan, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. M. Aikawa

1. The odors that are normally present in the urine and excrements were dramatically reduced.
2. The birthrate was considerably increased by the increase in fertility rate and the minimizing of stillborn calves.
3. There was a dramatic increase in milk production.
4. This farm is utilized as a model ranch in the use of alkali water.

P. Dairy Farm: Mitani Ranch
Location: Yubari, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. K. Mitani

1. Experienced 100% fertility and birth rates through artificial insemination.

Q. Dairy Farm: Ueda Ranch
Location: Akan, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. T. Ueda

1. The fortified calcium through the electrolysis water has strengthened the legs of the cows.
2. Due to the dramatically-improved health conditions, the quality of the milk has improved.
3. In the long run, the use of alkali water is a totally economical approach to the dairy industry.

R. Dairy Farm: Yamatani Ranch
Location: Kamikawa, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. M. Yamatani

1. The quality and quantity of the milk has improved considerably.
2. Considerably minimized the sickness rate of each cow.
3. Minimized diarrhea conditions.
4. An overall improvement was noted in every aspect of the dairy cow equating to better economic conditions.

S. Dairy Farm: Yamamoto Ranch
Location: Amashio, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. M. Yamatani

1. The milk output had increased from 317 tons to 393 tons or an increase of 24%
2. The cow became fertile with one month of giving birth.
3. There was a substantial reduction to the number of veterinary visits.
4. There was a noticeable increase in their appetites.

T. Dairy Farm: Saida Ranch
Location: Shirahata, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. K. Saida

The milk output had increased from 8,641 kg to 10,1 77kg or an increase of 17.8%.

U. Dairy Farm: Fukagawa Ranch
Location: Joro, Hokkaido
Spokesperson: Mr. E. Fukagawa

1. There was a substantial reduction to the number of veterinary visits.
2. Reduced the swelling rate of the cows` legs.
3. Reduced the rate of external wounds caused by suction cups.