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Our crowded, modern world is more polluted than nature intended, and it takes a toll on our water. According to the EPA, common water contaminants in US municipal water include microorganisms, disinfectants, inorganic chemicals (like arsenic, fluoride, lead, and mercury), organic chemicals, and even radiation! These pollutants in our water can hurt our well-being, but we can’t avoid our need for water—it is necessary for life. Water is the best way to stay hydrated, focused, and aware. We need it to operate smoothly, facilitate digestion, lubricate joints, push out toxins, prevent fatigue from dehydration, & give us energy. Water is the easiest way to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

At Dream Tree Family and Water Tree Stores, clean, pure water is only our starting point! More often than not, bottled water companies and filtration systems end up removing both the good and the bad from water. This leaves what we call dead, acidic water—water with a lower pH and without the essential minerals of water found in nature.

Our health is very closely linked to the pH levels of the water and blood circulating in our bodies. A low pH contributes to an acidic body that is a breeding ground for disease which is why Dream Tree & Water Tree Stores offer alkaline water solutions. Alkaline water helps to raise the pH of your body so that it can function like it should and hydrate more efficiently.

A higher level of acidity in your body isn’t the only factor that contributes to poor health. Dehydration can slow your metabolism and lead to weight gain, impair your mental abilities, and leave you feeling exhausted, hungry, and grumpy. This is another area that we go above and beyond because many of our products are able to create very small clusters of water molecules, or microclusters. Water that is delivered to your cells in microcluster form are able to hydrate you faster and more effectively.

And don’t be fooled by other alkaline water companies that use electrical ionizers to zap water into a dead alkaline condition! Our patented ceramic conversion process transforms water to an alkaline state while adding essential minerals and antioxidants. Dream Tree water is living water! That's why we offer water solutions for the way that we live! From Antioxidant Alkaline Water to filtered shower heads & Whole House Systems we have something to offer every need and budget.

'Water Chip' Can Desalinate Seawater With Electrical Field




An international team of chemists has introduced a new method for the desalination of seawater that consumes less energy and is dramatically simpler than conventional techniques.

The new method uses a chip to create a small electrical field that removes salts from seawater, and requires so little energy that it can run on a store-bought battery.

“The availability of water for drinking and crop irrigation is one of the most basic requirements for maintaining and improving human health,” said Richard Crooks of The University of Texas at Austin, who led the research with Ulrich Tallarek of the University of Marburg.

Researchers applied 3.0 volts of electricity to a small plastic chip filled with seawater.

The prototype "water chip" contains a microchannel with two branches. At the junction of the channel an embedded electrode creates an "ion depletion zone" that increases the local electric field compared with the rest of the channel.

This change in the electric field redirects salts into one channel, allowing desalinated water to pass through the other.

Crooks and his colleagues have so far achieved 25 percent desalination. Drinking water requires 99 percent desalination, but scientists are confident in their "proof of principle" and say full desalination can be achieved.

The technique, called electrochemically mediated seawater desalination, is patent-pending and is in commercial development by startup company Okeanos Technologies.

“People are dying because of a lack of freshwater,” said Tony Frudakis, founder and CEO of Okeanos Technologies. “And they’ll continue to do so until there is some kind of breakthrough, and that is what we are hoping our technology will represent.”

Right now the water chip's microchannels, produce about 40 nanoliters of desalted water per minute. But the authors are confident the process can scale up to make it practical to produce liters of water per day.

"Okeanos has even contemplated building a small system that would look like a Coke machine and would operate in a standalone fashion to produce enough water for a small village," Frudakis said.

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Great breakthrough technology for areas of the world that have limited fresh water sources.

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